Our success depends on the success of our clients. Our team works closely with each member of your team in order to distill complex ideas and create strategies that will tell your story through thoughtful planning, effective project management, and attention to detail.

We have the ability to orchestrate a seamless plan, taking the project from your vision, through the creative process to execution and content creation, bringing your company’s story to life.

Our Services


We consistently find high-quality show-stopping visuals to complement our clients' commercial, editorial, and photojournalism projects. We are experts at one of the most challenging areas of photography, manipulating light.


We create the spark that ignites your audience to connect, engage, give big, register, discover, order now, share, and choose your brand consistently with confidence.

Concept Development

We turn your abstract ideas into tangible and engaging content that will remain top of mind and result in brand loyalty. From concept through conversion, we are there with you every step of the way.

Content Strategy

We map the channels and utilize the tools necessary to reach your target audience and specific goals, and we will identify the most effective content vehicles to reach those goals. Whether your brand’s vision requires videos, photography, blog posts, press releases, or infographics to best tell your story, we will pinpoint the best route as we uncover your core customer and buyer personas.

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Our Story

We began as a photography content creation service provider, and throughout the years we have evolved with the ever-changing needs of our clients to become experts in multimedia production and content strategy.

This transition from photography to video production and content strategy came gradually as technology advanced and consumers became more educated with more information. Audiences became savvy and were less likely to accept traditional marketing messages.

Paradigms shifted and we pivoted to meet the demand for authentic, brand-centric stories that engage, inspire, and implore action.

Our Creatives

Carlos Javier Sanchez

Founder | Director of Content Creation


Chief Barking Officer

Luna Bear Aka "Lulu"

Chief Instigator

Clients Say

  • “I worked with Carlos on a video and photography project. He was professional, well equipped, and prepared for anything. He captured the spirit of my work in a natural way- the dust, the spinning mass, and the energy of it all. After the shoot, he was responsive and timely in delivering edited media. He was great to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone.” Ashley Harwood
    Small Business Owner

  • “Carlos and his team were one of the most highly self-motivated, driven, and energetic teams I've ever collaborated with. I was always impressed with his grasp of what it took to get a project completed from start to finish, his obsessive attention to detail and ability to lead as part of a team in pre and post-production enabled him to successfully deliver high-quality content. He is a skilled video producer and director of photography who can pivot from one roll to the other effortlessly. We always had fun at work without distracting from the job, and he always had an infectious optimistic spirit.” Ryan Richardson
    Photo Services Manager

  • “Carlos Javier significantly elevated the value of the content he produced on our team during his time at the San Antonio Business Journal. His work became the bar for the rest of the chain. His skill in video and digital media production took our projects to a new level of quality.” Michelle Collins
    Art Director

  • “The work pixelreflex media has created for us throughout the years has been invaluable. Their work has resulted in over $150,000 in grants and donations for our organizations, helping us save countless lives.” Rebecca Mayberry
    Executive Director of San Antonio Pets Alive!

  • “It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Carlos Javier and his team. Carlos and I have worked on numerous projects at Zachry Corporation for the past seven years. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Carlos and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to us. Carlos is fun, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, he has an impressive set of communication skills, allowing him to successfully communicate and fit in with all of our employees, from the front office to our “C Suite” executives. His photojournalist background and video expertise are a massive advantage to our office. Carlos and his team put this skillset to work to deliver everything we wanted regardless of the deadline.” Wendy Parker
    Corporate Communications

  • “Carlos is a talented photographer who throughout the years has produced fantastic work for the San Antonio Express-News.” Luis Rios
    Director of Photography
    San Antonio Express-News

  • "Carlos and his team are some of the highest performing professional multimedia team I have ever worked with. They are very talented at creating strategies that will work best for your company, business, school, etc. and bringing those ideas to life. Their work is top notch and he is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them! Joanna Heep
    Communications Manager

  • "I've worked with MANY photographers over my 13 years in journalism and I can easily say that Carlos is one of the best that I have ever worked with. In addition to being an amazing photographer who captures the moment perfectly, Carlos has a sense of humor that puts people at ease and makes them more comfortable during an interview and photoshoot. We've done some amazing shoots that seemed unconventional at the time but later translated into amazing photos both in print and on-line."" Sergio Chapa
    LNG Industry Analyst

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