The Brief

With its humble beginnings in 1957 as a sand and gravel producer in Austin, Texas, Capitol Aggregates has grown over the past 65 years into a strong regional supplier of construction materials. Capitol Aggregates has the capability to produce a wide variety of aggregate materials and cement products and many builders and construction companies rely on them to supply their projects.

The company needed environmental portraits of their employees as they perform their various duties on location at jobsites throughout Texas for promotional and collateral marketing materials.

Client:Capitol Aggregates Inc

The Creative Process

  • Step 1.

    Concept Development

    We needed to create a series of real-time, environmental portraits of Capitol Aggregate employees hard at work on various jobsites, illustrating the multitude of products and applications that the company manufactures, delivers, installs, and finishes out.

  • Step 2.


    We knew that creating environmental portraits that capture Capitol Aggregates’ long, rich history and manufacturing abilities would require images of dedicated, driven employees with branded uniforms and PPE (personal protective equipment) working together to deliver materials and create the foundations for a myriad of applications and projects. We needed to create an atmosphere that would allow the commitment of those working for Capitol Aggregates to shine through the photographs.

    Step 2.

  • Step 3.


    We scouted the best locations with the help of the company’s marketing team and photographed candid shots of employees working on the jobsites, capturing honest, captivating portraits over the course of several days.

  • Step 4.

    The Results

    Our team created honest, often gritty, images of true working men and women creating a compelling portrait of the integrity of the people behind the company. The client was incredibly happy with the project and stated that we delivered the most authentic environmental portraits that they had ever received.

    Step 4.

    The Results