Creative Brief

The Photographic Center Norwest needs a year-end call to action video as part of its fundraising campaign.

We drew from the organization's reputation in the community for being a beacon for the photographic arts in the Pacific Northwest, attracting students and artists from across the region to participate in classes, workshops, and exhibitions to create their spot.

Client:Photographic Center Northwest: Fundraising Video

The Creative Process

  • Step 1.

    Concept Development

    We wanted to show how the PCNW has evolved in the last 30 years from a small photography school into a vibrant education institution by showing the diverse work of their students throughout the years.

  • Step 2.


    After our team researched the organization’s history and the direction was approved by the PCNW team, our production team developed a storyboard and script.

    Step 2.

  • Step 3.

    Video Production

    We recorded on location over a few weeks to capture images of students attending the certificate program, various classes and workshops, free exhibitions, and public programs, along with showcasing the facilities. We also captured interviews with organization leaders in order to communicate the history and future of photography and the impact of the medium to the region.

  • Step 4.

    The Results

    We combined new and existing footage into a call-to-action video showing why donors, photographers, curators, educators, and partner organizations should help shape PCNW's future by providing access to education in the photographic arts and playing a part in the organization's future.

    Step 4.

    The Results