Client:National Museum of the Pacific War


The National Museum of the Pacific War (NMPW), located in Fredericksburg, Texas, presents a special online event commemorating the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Pacific, known as V-J Day, on September 2, 2020. The National Museum of the Pacific War is the only museum in the continental U.S. dedicated to telling the story of World War II in the Pacific. Although the Allies announced victory over the Japanese on August 15, the United States recognized V-J Day on September 2, when the Japanese signed the formal surrender documents aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. Notably, the broadcast includes a welcome by General Hagee, president, and CEO of the Admiral Nimitz Foundation, and a variety of eyewitness perspectives of World War II and its ending through interviews. These include a World War II veteran from Austin, Texas, with vivid recollections of the end of the war, a native Texan who was a young girl during the war and her reflections on how her hometown changed over those four years, and a Japanese-American couple -- she was interned as a child and her husband, a Hawaiian native, lived near Pearl Harbor during the attack in 1941.