Chief Barking Officer

Chanel keeps everyone, including the squirrels, in line. She brings her vocal direction to the team, keeping us all safe from rogue delivery people and overly bold, bushy-tailed visitors.

Carlos Javier Sanchez
Founder | Director of Content Creation

Carlos Javier Sanchez stands out as an award-winning, dynamic content creation director. Holding a B.A. in documentary filmmaking and a M.F.A. in content strategy from the University of Washington, his roots in photojournalism sharpen his vision, treating every frame as a crucial element of the broader narrative.

Luna Bear Aka "Lulu"
Chief Instigator

Lulu brings her infectious enthusiasm to the tribe. If she's not gnawing on her toys or resting atop a pile of pillows she can be found "mentoring" Chanel.

Steffi Ockenfels
Executive Producer

Steffi Ockenfels serves as the executive producer, where her creative flair and project management prowess come to life, transforming abstract ideas into tangible masterpieces. She is deeply involved in the entire production journey, from brainstorming and team assembly to guiding projects to their polished conclusion, ensuring every facet of the process aligns to bring visions to life.

How We Do It


Dive into a brainstorming session with Executive Producer Steffi “Smooth Sailing” Ockenfels and Carlos “Cannonball” Javier Sanchez, where your ideas meet our strategic plotting. Unveil your grand vision, and watch us whip up a master plan, all wrapped up with a bow in an official proposal. Once your budget gives us the thumbs up and our handshake deal is inked, Steffi will don her captain’s hat, navigate you through the pre-production seas with confidence and finesse.


Setting the course for a masterpiece lies in the map and compass. Pre-production, our treasured loot, marks our mightiest advantage. We’ll steer you through the murky waters of winning over your crew of stakeholders, sharpening your message like a finely honed cutlass and plotting the course for your production day(s). With over two decades navigating these waters, our map of meticulous planning tools turns the treacherous into smooth sailing.


Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our award-winning crew brings your meticulously planned vision to fruition. From coast to coast and beyond borders, we’ve empowered small businesses, fundraised for nonprofits, and created local campaigns for national brands. Trust us, and enjoy the process.


Hoist the mainsail and let us do the grunt work! Our crew will turn your carefully charted dreams into reality. Across the seven seas, beyond every horizon, we’ve bolstered small traders, filled the coffers of charitable ventures, and flown the flag for national treasures on local shores. Place your faith in our seasoned hands and savor the voyage.


At journey’s end, a treasure chest in the form of a secure, zip archive awaits, upon your hearty “aye!” Within, discover the spoils of our voyage: the final edited video files and thumbnail images, ready for sharing across the digital seas. We safeguard every frame in our vault for a year. Our crew stands at the ready, ensuring your tales find more eager ears and keen eyes than ever before. Let’s chart a course for legend!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an average video cost to make?

We recognize that each video project is unique, with its own set of requirements, objectives, and creative considerations. Rather than providing an average cost, we prefer to tailor our pricing to the specific needs of each client and project. This personalized approach allows us to accurately reflect the scope and complexity of your video production, ensuring that you receive a fair and customized quote that aligns with your expectations and budget. By focusing on individual project details, we can provide a more accurate estimate that accounts for factors such as filming location, duration, complexity of editing, and any additional services required. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional quality and value, tailored to your specific vision and goals.

How long should my video be?

In today’s marketing landscape, an effective video is succinct, authentic, and valuable.

Regarding “succinct,” we’re targeting a duration of 3 to 5 minutes for event videos, 4 minutes or less for videos on your website, and 2 minutes or less for social media platforms. Our collective aim is to craft a narrative that resonates with the appropriate audience, connects them with your mission, and prompts action.

Concerning “authentic,” we prioritize featuring real individuals speaking sincerely and from the heart in the video. We steer clear of conventional production techniques such as scripted voice-overs, and on-camera hosting.

As for “valuable,” we emphasize providing the audience with new knowledge, unique perspectives, or unexpected situations.

How do we get started?

When embarking on the planning of a successful marketing video or campaign, it’s pivotal to address four fundamental inquiries:

  1. Who constitutes your target audience?
  2. How do you intend to distribute your video to them?
  3. What specific message do you aim to convey to them?
  4. What action do you want your video to prompt them to take?

During the discovery phase, we will collaboratively pursue definitive responses to these questions. Once consensus is achieved, we proceed to the pre-production stage.

What does pre-production entail?

Pre-production is the essential phase that precedes the actual filming of a video. It involves meticulous planning to ensure a successful outcome. To streamline this process, we’ve developed an accessible online pre-production guide. This guide assists in defining key elements such as:

  1. Identifying your target audience.
  2. Crafting your message.
  3. Selecting your interview subjects.
  4. Outlining content.
  5. Choosing filming locations.
  6. Filming cinematic footage or B-roll.

Should you encounter any difficulties, Steffi is available to provide detailed guidance through the guide and collaborate with you to establish the production schedule.

What is the ideal number of interviewees for my videos?

In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, concise videos tend to be the most impactful. One effective strategy to ensure brevity is by limiting the number of interviewees. Our guideline suggests allocating approximately one minute of screen time for each person interviewed. For instance, if crafting a 2-3 minute video, we recommend featuring no more than three individuals in interviews.

Can we add more interviews during a production?

The individuals already designated during pre-production are carefully chosen to effectively convey the story within the allotted screen time. However, we understand that additional interviews may be proposed on the day of filming. While we’re open to accommodating these requests to facilitate project management, it’s important to recognize that this additional content might not ultimately make it into the final edit. We all face the reality of limited screen time, which restricts the number of individuals we can feature in each video. Additionally, any changes to the project scope on the day of shooting, whether due to last-minute revisions or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, will incur an overage charge at a rate of $350 per hour.

How much time should be allocated for each interview filming session?

We suggest budgeting around 20 minutes for filming each interview on the shoot day. Generally, most interviews can be completed within a 30-minute timeframe, depending on the subject matter and content. Often, interviews may even conclude in less time, but we prefer having a buffer to ensure we can adjust our lighting setup or allow brief breaks between sessions without feeling rushed. As we’re engaged in a creative process, it’s reasonable to anticipate slight deviations from precise scheduling. While it’s rare, there may be unique circumstances where interviews extend beyond the 30-minute mark, although this is typically communicated beforehand during scheduling.

Where do we film the interview?

Ideal filming locations are spacious, relatively quiet, manageable in terms of foot traffic, and contribute visually to our storytelling. It’s crucial for us to have a preview of the location beforehand.

Why don’t you charge hourly?

We believe in providing transparent and predictable pricing for our clients. Instead of charging hourly for video production, we offer comprehensive project-based pricing. This approach ensures that you know exactly what to expect in terms of cost from the outset, without any surprises or uncertainties. By focusing on the project as a whole rather than the hours spent, we’re able to prioritize delivering high-quality results without constraints on creativity or efficiency. Our goal is to provide exceptional value while giving you peace of mind throughout the production process.

When will I be able to see my video?

You can anticipate receiving the initial edits of your videos through a private online review portal within four weeks from the completion of the shooting day. We offer two rounds of revisions free of charge as part of our service. You need your video sooner? While we strive to accommodate tight deadlines, expedited delivery may incur an additional cost.

Can we get the RAW footage as well?

In essence, yes, but there’s more complexity involved due to our shooting process. Our cinema cameras are optimized to capture an extensive dynamic range, spanning from complete darkness to pure white. This allows us to maintain maximum flexibility over the color and quality of the footage during post-production. Consequently, the raw video footage straight out of the camera requires professional color-grading before it’s usable.

We offer the following:

  1. Incorporate a budget allocation for color correction, grading, and delivery of all raw footage. This ensures that the footage aligns with our quality standards when utilized.
  2. Alternatively, inform us of any additional deliverables you require from the footage and when you need them. We’ll assess the scope of work and integrate it into our workflow. We archive every frame we capture for a minimum of two years, and arrangements can be made for longer or indefinite archiving upon request.

For a visual demonstration of the distinction between ungraded log footage (direct from the camera) and graded footage (enhanced by our colorist), please refer to the examples provided.

Can you create vertical video?

Certainly! If vertical video holds significance in your marketing strategy, we can seamlessly incorporate it into the project scope and list of deliverables. It’s crucial for us to know its importance beforehand as it significantly enhances the outcome. Converting high-quality horizontal video into equally impressive vertical content can be challenging and may not always yield optimal results. This is a factor we advise addressing during pre-production discussions, underscoring the importance of strategizing how your videos will be presented to your target audience.

Let’s Strategize For Impact

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